Innovative Thermal Fault Prediction Software with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Faults occur, systems fail and money’s lost

RoTemp™ prevents damage to equipment, avoiding downtime.

RoTemp™ provides crucial accurate prediction of imminent device failures due to elevated ambient temperatures in remote, unmanned sites (telecom, utilities: water, gas, electricity, etc., satellite base stations, desalination stations, etc.)

RoTemp™ is a proprietary web-based, AI-supported software service (SaaS) that does not require the installation of additional devices at the sites.

RoTemp™ was developed with over 25 years’ experience in the HVAC industry and used by ADAR today to monitor over 4,000 telecom sites in Israel.

RoTemp Plus: Advanced, AI-Driven Monitoring and Control of Unmanned Critical Equipment Sites

Through ADAR’s close relations with world-class experts in remote site monitoring and control, we can integrate our powerful AI-driven thermal fault prediction platform, RoTemp™, with the advanced monitoring and control equipment available to provide clients with the ultimate in remote site management.

Remote Monitoring and Control of Site Components & Metrics: