ADAR – Smart Thermal Solutions

Founded in 1995, ADAR specializes in the engineering, design, installation, and servicing of air-conditioning and thermal-management systems for remote, unmanned electronics sites.

With over 25 years of experience, ADAR has become the leading service and maintenance provider to the local cellular operators in Israel and is considered the authoritative consultancy for thermal-related issues for government agencies, security systems, defence, and other sensitive service providers.

Engineering & Thermal ConsultingADAR’s engineering department provides tailormade planning and design services based on clients’ requirements.

Service Solutions – Professional service solutions include a nationwide service network, 24/7-hour Service Center and short response times everywhere in the country. 

International activity – Over the years, ADAR has carried out air conditioning and cooling projects for critical electronics and communication systems worldwide. These projects included professional accompaniment, installation, local training, and ongoing support.

Energy Saving Solutions – Based on ADAR’s in depth understanding of customer needs, we strive to find innovative solutions and implement energy saving systems: hybrid cooling systems that reduce fuel consumption at generator-/solar-powered sites, cold-energy collection and storage, integration of fresh-air (external) intake systems, geothermal cooling systems and more.


Round the Clock Service

24/7 Service Center, Fast response times nationally.


ISO 9001:2015 Approved

Ministry of Defence

Approved MoD supplier.