Ducts Cleaning and Disinfecting

Ducts Cleaning and Disinfecting

Application of Advanced Methods for Air Quality Air conditioning systems are an integral part of our world - at home, work, recreational places and especially in industrial buildings, institutions, airports and shopping centers. Ventilation ducts and central air conditioning systems contain a large amount of pollutants. Even though filtration systems are installed, whose function it is to prevent the passage of contaminated air, large amounts of bacteria still escape which could endanger our health.tealotEN


Health Hazard
Over the years, the canal becomes fertile ground for bacteria development, mold and fungus. The combination of air, humidity and dust provides excellent habitat for bacteria and viruses that can cause Legionella pneumophila which also causes Legionnaires disease and various allergic symptoms. The simplest and most effective method of preventing this phenomenon is by regularly and thoroughly cleaning the ventilation ducts.


The World Is Breathing Better
Following several deaths due to bacteria development in the air ducts and after comprehensive examination into it, it was decided to establish strict guidelines for cleaning and washing the air conditioning and ventilation systems. Today, there are European and USA standards to abide by.


AQM - the Most Advanced Method for Cleaning Ditches
The Company, Adar Air Conditioners, decided to "put up their dukes" to protect the clean air in the air conditioning system and become a pioneer in this field in Israel. After studying European and American standards in existing areas, Adar signed an agreement totransfer knowledge and cooperation with a world renowned company in its field - DunDuct, a Danish company sent out a team up for additional training in Europe. Upon completion of the course and adapting existing air quality standards in overseas air conditioners, formulated the AQM method, the world's most advanced cleaning system, tailored to conditions in Israel.

Cleaning Robot
The center of the cleaning method, implemented by Adar, stands the MTR, an advanced robot of its kind for cleaning ditches. The robot's unique design allows optimal access to every corner of the air conditioning ducts. The robot is equipped with a powerful engine with a vibrating brush system which removes all dust and dirt residue in the channel. Its 4x4 steering system is particularly strong and a separate control system for each engine allows it access to optimal curves and junctions difficult to clean. With a tiny camera and using a remote control technically adjusts the robot's path in the channel. Several types of brushes can be mounted on the robot arms to reach any place in the ditch.


How Does the AQM Method Work?

Tangible Presentation
To get a current picture of the state of the ventilation ducts in your air conditioner, Adar's cleaning crew take sample tests using a robot with a video camera attached to it. This demo is done without any obligation to the customer and illustrates the true amount of dirt that has accumulated in the ditches. This enables to compare the condition before the cleaning procedure and after the cleaning procedure.


Cleaning Procedure
Cleaning action is performed by a robot which is inserted into the ducts. The dirt is then separated from the walls of the channel, and the process is photographed. A powerful pumping system that connects to the cable channels, draws the dirt that is separated from the walls, through an absolute filter system.


After completing the cleanup of the canals, tests are carried out to see the cleaning results, by watching a videotape of the canals which was saved during the cleaning process. Cleaning staff, in the presence of a customer, compare the photographs before and after the cleaning process to ensure the channel is clean. If necessary, the cleaning process is repeated until the channel is thoroughly clean and compatible with air quality standards of the AQM system.


In the final cleaning process, the trenches can be coated with an anti-bacterial coating to prevent growth of bacteria and viruses.


AQM Method
Clean air to breathe and Disease Prevention

Cleaning the ventilation ducts of the air conditioning systems using AQM improves the quality of the air we breathe. AQM method - prevents unpleasant odors and the development of allergic respiratory diseases. The AQM method is of great importance in medical institutions, hospitals and pharmaceutical industries. Implementation of the cleaning method leads to a drastic reduction in bacteria and virus growth in ditches as well as significant reduction in mechanical failures and extending the life of the air conditioner. Frequent cleaning of the canals and the air handling unit reduces the amount of repairs and maintenance. Implementation of AQM reduces the need for spare parts: filters, belts, blowers and more.


Power Saving
Clean canals in the air conditioning systems increases the system's efficiency and reduces power consumption.

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