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The FUSION-TEC Wall-mount innovation is part of the PLC product family, maximizes the free cooling opportunities through a counter-flow/ reverse air flow process.
Available in cooling capacities of 50,000 Btuh or 36,000 Btuh

Specs Fusion-Tec

"MEGA-TEC" Series

The MEGA-TEC Wall-mount innovation is part of the PLC product family

Designed for application requiring a large amount of sensible cooling capacity and limited wall space.

Dual refrigeration circuits and a total of three stages with the lowest stage less then 35% of total capacity provide cooling for an area with a varying heat load. 

Available in cooling capacities of 120,000 Btuh 


"MULTI-TEC" Series

The MULTI-TEC  Wall-Mount Air Conditioner utilizes PLC (Programmable Logic Control) technology to allow multiple units to operate connected to a single LC6000 controller. When installed with an optional 100% free cooling economizer, the unit will supply full-rated airflow in free cooling mode with the ability to exhaust unconditioned indoor air without the need for additional relief openings in the structure.

Available in cooling capacities of 22,400- 64,700 Btuh



wall mount

Available in cooling capacities of 12,000-62,000 Btuh

Spec-Sheet 12,000 Btuh
Spec-Sheet 21,600-62,000 Btuh

PLC Controller "LC" Series

Intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly, the LC Family ships with pre-set points and parameters to get you going, and the simple controls let you set your own in the field.

Seamless on-board communication makes this the logical choice for maximum climate control.

Specs LC-6000

Specs LC-2000


For energy saving and emergency backup