ADAR Air-Tech (1995) Ltd.


An expert in the provision of HVAC solutions for the international telecommunications and IT industry.

 In Israel

ADAR has 3 logistic centers around Israel, with over 20 years of experience in cooling telecommunication sites, ADAR has been providing:

  • A comprehensive service of installation and technical support for the vast majority of cellular companies around Israel.
  • During 2007, ADAR was announced by the "Ministry of Defense" as a Crucial Emergency Service Company, obliged to maintaining operations for service provision in times of national emergency.


In recent years, ADAR AirTech has participated in numerous projects abroad. These involved consultancy and advisory services on the design of telecom sites, with respect to thermal demands and on-site training of local technical teams and service companies.

  • All projects involved remote assistance when needed.
  • Global experience: Liberia, Angola, Jordan, Congo, Guinea, Uzbekistan.
  • For international HVAC manufacturers, ADAR AirTech offers the opportunity to act as their local after-sales technical support of their products.

Our Distinctive Qualities


With the understanding and familiarity with the requirements and needs of our customers in the communications and critical systems, we are aware that a product without a reliable and available service means real damage to our customers and therefore we have established for our customers in Israel a set of skilled technicians who are ready to read around the clock. In addition, the companies represented by us have a global service and support system.

Professional counseling and characterization

As part of Adar's added value, based on years of experience in setting up and operating cooling systems for telecom communication sites and electronic equipment, we provide our customers in Israel and around the world with experience-based consulting services and learning the most suitable commercial solutions for their applications.

Energy saving

"Adar" works continuously and updated to improve the energy savings in Telecom communication sites. Through the intelligent use of a variety of technological and planning solutions, we continue to optimize our customers' cooling system.

International activity

Over the past decade we have been involved in ongoing projects in the international arena, as suppliers and consultants. Our extensive experience in establishing a reliable and professional service system based on quality products enables our customers to focus on other parts of the projects and let us deal with the cooling side of the communications equipment. We accompany the customer from the stage of characterization and planning, to the stage of installation and training of local teams, while continuing remote support (Angola, Ghana, Jordan, Guinea, etc.).